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What are digital currencies and what are the best digital currencies to invest ?

There are a lot of new digital coins that appear and rise strongly and then gradually disappear. But there are ten digital currencies that have been able to rank well with their market value kept low. Of course, there are currencies that have stood for years and have been able to achieve remarkable results and have exceeded the market value of billions of dollars and the most important currencies are the currency BTC


Now I will show you the best 4 digital currencies for investment, which have a great volume of trades and you can generate huge profits of millions of dollars:

Bitcoin currency


The currency is the number one currency in the world in terms of volumes and market value. Last year's currency saw a spectacular success in the digital currency, trading and investment market, which increased by a factor of over $ 15,000 by the end of last year. It is the first decentralized currency where it is fully managed by its users and has received the support of many websites and electronic stores characterized by rapid spread and the ease of mining through computers and important that it has the speed of conversion and lower fees.


Currency bitcoin cash

Currency bitcoin is a currency that is caused by a Bitcoin currency split

, Appeared at the beginning of August last year, and this binary currency of Pitcullin assumes the division of the Blocin-Pitcullen registry and updates the rules of the agreement that will allow the encoded currency to grow and expand. KFH is a new type of virtual asset that allows you to reduce the time spent in e-currency transactions.

Bitcoin cash has recently risen sharply, reaching the highest level since its inception. The market value of KFH currently exceeds $ 25 billion, ranking fourth, preceded by the currency "BTC" and then "Ethrium" and "Ripple".

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